Posted by: uniqinc | February 15, 2012

It will come a day…

It will come a day, when everyone will look to your name to find that you are .. « Offline » !!

——— Your loved ones will wait for you to chat with them,
——–► but you will never come ..!
———- They will send you e-mails,
———►but you will never reply …!
——— They will wait for you for hours,
———► but you will never be online …!

Your status will always be “ Offline ” !


You won’t be able to chat with them or even comment on something ,
You won’t be able to apologize for the ones you hurt or wronged ,
You won’t be with us that day,

YOU WILL BE —–► in a deep,
———————► dark hole !
———————►all alone..
———————►Maybe you will be regretting your bad deeds !
———————►Maybe your good deeds will keep you company..

You will leave us, nothing remain after you but what you wrote/share with your friends ..

So be sure that you won’t leave nothing but current good deeds after you’ll be gone ,

►One day, everyone will be judged
►So try quickly to change and to be better
►Simply, because you are now “ Online ” …

uniqme – It will come a day….

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