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Who can put that dawah forward?

I don’t know who this brother is but this is an inspiring short reminder. For the first time, I really loved listening to German. May Allah reward him and all of you.


I don’t know who this brother is but this is an inspiring short reminder. For the first time, I really loved listening to German. May Allah reward him and all of you.

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For Paradise, we say it again and again… ‘Allahuma urzuqna Al-Jannah’.

“So no soul knows the delights of the eyes which is hidden for them; a reward for what they did.” [32:17]

…and the race continues.


Paradise is where your dreams can never reach. It is Allah’s promise to the believers for all the good they have done. Paradise is the reason why you and I are here sharing our thoughts. Paradise is where Abu Bakr, Omar, ‘Uthman, and Ali will all reside. Paradise is the emblem of every fallen martyr raising the proud flag of: ‘La ilaha ilah Allah’. Paradise is the shinning frame in which prisoners of Allah hang their hopes. Paradise quenches the thirst of the hungry and alleviates the pain of the sick. Paradise gives faith an enduring taste. Paradise is the reason why our weak forgives the strong, and our rich help the poor. For the sake of Paradise, the believers have cried and struggled. For the pleasure of Allah and Paradise, the righteous compete.  For Paradise, we say it again and again… ‘Allahuma urzuqna Al-Jannah’.

“So no soul knows the delights of the…

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Make Allah your first priority in everything


Make Allah your first priority in everything, will He give you everything in return!

Make Allah your first priority in everything, will He give you everything in return!

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Allahu Azizun Hakim

“Allah has ninety-nine names, one hundred less one. Whoever ‘ahsaaha’ [enumerates them, believes in them, ponders their meanings, supplicates with them, and acts according to one’s belief in them] will enter Paradise.” [Saheeh Muslim]


Ibn Jareer (rahimahullah) defines Al-Hakeem as “that entity whose plans are solid, without fault and which none can interfere with.” [An-Nahj ul-Asma]


Ibn Katheer (rahimahullah) says: “Al-Hakeem is that entity who is most wise in all His sayings and doings in such a way that by His knowledge, wisdom and justice He puts everything in its proper place.” [Tafseer Ibn Katheer]


There was a pious elderly man who lived in a jungle with his wife. They had a donkey which would carry their loads for them. They had a dog which guarded their house and a rooster which would wake them up in the morning with its crow.


Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) so willed that one day a fox came and took their rooster away. The man’s wife began to cry over this loss, but he said, “Don’t cry. This is for our own good.” Then a wolf came and killed their donkey. The wife became sad again but the man said, “There is good for us in this, it is not something to cry over.” Then their dog suddenly died and the wife became sad at the loss of all three of their animals in a single day. The pious man again said, “Don’t grieve. This was better for us.”


When morning dawned forces of the enemy attacked. They looted all the homes they could locate in the jungle and took the men, women and children away as slaves. The only people who were left undetected were the old man and his wife. This was since all their animals had died, there was no crow of a rooster to give them away, no braying of a donkey to alert the enemy to their existence, and no barking of a dog to pinpoint the location of their house.


The old man said to his wife, “See how their animals caused the ruin of these people. It was such a blessing from Allah that all our animals died yesterday, otherwise we too would have been enslaved today.” [“Sharh Asma-e-Husna,” by Muhammad Haneef Abdul-Majeed]


Allah’s name Al-Hakeem comes in the Quran 94 times, usually in combination with another name such as “Wallahu azeezun hakeem.” [Surah al-Baqarah: Ayat 228] This combination reminds us that not only is Allah Most Wise (Al-Hakeem) but also Most Powerful (Al-Azeez); thus, He is not helpless in implementing His wisdom.



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Prison for the believers?

It is mentioned that when al-Hafidh Ibn Hajr was the chief justice (of Egypt), one day he was passing through the market with a caravan, looking well groomed. So a Jew who was selling hot oil, looking very disheveled and dirty because of the oil, accosted him by grabbing the reins of his mule saying•►“Yaa Shaykhul-Islaam, you claim that your prophet said that the dunyaa is a prison for the mu’min 

and a jannah for the kaafir; so what type of prison are you in and what type of jannah am I in?“

He (Ibn Hajr) replied•►“Regarding what Allaah has prepared for me in the hereafter from its bliss, then it is as if I am in prison, and with regards to what Allaah has prepared for you in the hereafter from its punishment, then it is as if you are in jannah.” [ 🙂 ]

At which point the Jew became a Muslim.

(Faydhul-Qadeer: 3/546)

(15) Be Smart…Be Successful! Work for Eternal Peace & Success!.

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Doa Yg Ampuh

‎..:: Ampuhnya Do’a Ibarat Tajamnya Pedang ::..

Ibnul Qayyim dalam Al Jawabul Kaafi mengatakan,

والادعية والتعوذات بمنزلة السلاح والسلاح بضاربه لا بحده فقط فمتى كان السلاح سلاحا تاما لا آفة به والساعد ساعد قوي والمانع مفقود حصلت به النكاية في العدو ومتى تخلف واحد من هذه الثلاثة تخلف التأثير فإن كان الدعاء في نفسه غير صالح أو الداعى لم يجمع بين قلبه ولسانه في الدعاء أو كان ثم مانع من الاجابة لم ي

حصل الأثر

“Do’a dan ta’awudz (meminta perlindungan pada Allah) ibarat pedang. Pedang itu diandalkan tebasannya bukan hanya ketajamannya. Oleh karenanya, pedang jadi ampuh bila:

(1) tidak cacat, (2) yang menebas adalah orang yang kuat dan (3) tidak ada penghalang ketika pedang dihujam yang membuat musuh tersingkir.

Jika salah satu dari tiga hal ini tidak ada, maka pedang tersebut tidaklah ampuh.

Do’a pun demikian. Do’a tidaklah ampuh bila:

(1) orang yang berdo’a tidaklah baik, (2) yang berdo’a tidak menyatukan antara hati dan lisan saat berdo’a (artinya: do’a yang dipanjatkan tidak diresapi), (3) ada penghalang sehingga do’a tidak terkabul [*Seperti karena sebab makan yang haram, do’a sulit terkabul.].

Jika ada salah satu dari tiga hal ini, do’a tidaklah ampuh.”


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❂ Dua’a of The Day ❂

O Allah! Make my love for You transcend the love of all other things!
And make my fear of You be more than the fear of all other things!
And make my desire to meet You override all the desires of this world!
And when the eyes of the worldly people are cooled and comforted by the world, make the coolness and enjoyment of my eyes lie in Your worship! 
Allahumma Aameen! :’)

 ❂ Dua’a of The Day ❂.

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(12) “Do not socialize…


“Do not socialize with a person who has bad morals, for he calls to nothing except evil.” [Al-Fudhayl ibn ‘Iyaadh]

●► So… be smart on choosing friends. If you are able to guide them to the right path… then Do so! But if you are not able to do… then it’s better for you to stay away from them!

(12) “Do not socialize….

•► The real beauty is the beauty of the heart & Beauty of Heart is in Reciting QURAN ♥♥♥ 🙂

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